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Dependence of behaviour of space use on the environmental thermal variability.

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posted on 10.09.2014, 03:07 authored by José M. Rojas, Simón B. Castillo, Guillermo Folguera, Sebastián Abades, Francisco Bozinovic

(A). Dispersion trajectory is made by steps or SL (B).The minimal length is determined by the interval sampling of each behavioural record, i.e. gray line between open circles. Circles represent a sampling event. The absolute angle (α) is defined between the horizontal plane (dx) and the step. The relative angle (ρ) or turning, is the angle between successive steps. Distance (d), is the total distance during each record. The mean distance (Rn) is the net distance between the current location and the first relocation of the trajectory. Modified from [63].