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Dengue virus in the spleen.

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posted on 15.04.2014 by Tiago F. Póvoa, Ada M. B. Alves, Carlos A. B. Oliveira, Gerard J. Nuovo, Vera L. A. Chagas, Marciano V. Paes

Detection of DENV-3 antigens in general (a) and specifically the NS3 protein (c), by immunochemistry in macrophages (Mφ). (b) Quantification of cells presenting dengue antigens. (d–f) Detection of virus RNA negative strand by in situ hybridization. Dengue cases were treated without or with the probe (d and f, respectively). (e) One non-dengue case incubated with the probe. Arrows indicate positive staining in macrophages. (g) Co-localization of the virus RNA negative strand (fluorescent blue) and CD68 (fluorescent red), for identification of macrophages. Cells presenting both staining showed yellow fluorescence.