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Demonstration of Cl-channel functions of cell-derived GABA receptors in the membrane-sandwich sensor set-up.

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posted on 2013-12-10, 04:02 authored by Inna Székács, Nóra Kaszás, Pál Gróf, Katalin Erdélyi, István Szendrő, Balázs Mihalik, Ágnes Pataki, Ferenc A. Antoni, Emilia Madarász

OWLS recordings were made in Cl-free ACSF as running buffer with injection of Cl-containing ACSF (ACSF) with or without GABA and the channel blocker bicuculline (ACSF+GABA and ACSF+GABA+Bic, respectively). (A) Changes of the effective refractive index (NTM) values in a representative OWLS assay. (B) Changes in the refractive index (ncTM) in response to the GABA-channel blocker bicuculline are shown from a representative experiment. (C) Summary of refractive index (ncTM) changes (ΔncTM) in response to transfusion with Cl-containing buffer (ACSF), in the presence of the agonist GABA (ACSF+GABA) or in the presence of both GABA and the channel-blocker bicucullin (ACSF+GABA+bicucullin). ΔncTM values were calculated from data of 4 independent series of experiments (n≥4); averages and standard deviations are presented.