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Demand elasticity (ε) for chocolate and vanilla solutions Group averaged elasticity estimates (±SEM) calculated per rat using averaged choice data across all sessions, separated per condition.

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posted on 08.06.2015, 03:44 by Marijn van Wingerden, Christine Marx, Tobias Kalenscher

Demand elasticity for chocolate (brown) was significantly less elastic than unit elasticity (ε = -1) under uncompensated (open bars; **: p<0.01, one-sample t-test vs. -1) and compensated budgets (hatched bars, ***: p<0.001). Demand was significantly less elastic for compensated vs. uncompensated budget conditions (**: p<0.01, paired-sample t-test). For vanilla (yellow), demand was significantly more elastic than for chocolate, both in the uncompensated (**: p<0.01, paired-sample t-test) and uncompensated budget condition (***: p<0.001).