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Deletion of the hly operon in strain MG1655 (pHly152) growing with a subinhibitory ampicillin concentration.

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posted on 11.11.2011, 01:16 by Laura Pedró, Rosa C. Baños, Sonia Aznar, Cristina Madrid, Carlos Balsalobre, Antonio Juárez

Analysis of seven Hly- clones isolated from strain MG1655 (pHly152) grown in LB medium containing ap (10 mg/l). A. PCR analysis using primers PANR8 and NBM18 to confirm the presence of pHly152. B. PCR analysis to confirm deletions 1 and 2 in the Hly- clones. Primers used were PANR1 and PANR6, and the fragments amplified were of 875 bp and 2126 bp for the deletions 1 and 2 respectively.