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Deletion of VPS74 in combination with ARF1 results in a synergistic defect in cell wall integrity.

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posted on 03.09.2013, 02:13 authored by Jia-Wei Hsu, Lin-Chun Chang, Li-Ting Jang, Chun-Fang Huang, Fang-Jen S. Lee

(A) and (B) Indicated cells were cultured to mid-log phase, then 10-fold serial dilutions were spotted onto Ura minus plates containing 2% glucose (left panel), YPD plates containing 50 µg/ml Congo red (middle panel), or YPD plates containing 50 µg/ml Congo red and 1.2 M sorbitol (right panel). (C) Lysates were prepared from the indicated cells and proteins were precipitated with TCA to prepare an immunoblot that was probed with anti-Gas1p polyclonal antibodies.