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Decreasing the front-to-rear difference of myosin II activity induced the collapse of leading front and reversed soma translocation of Schwann cells.

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posted on 2012-12-14, 01:42 authored by Ying Wang, Hong-Lin Teng, Zhi-hui Huang

(A) Distributions of p-MLC (green) and Dil (red, a marker of membrane) in Schwann cells by immunostaining. P-75 (blue) is a cell marker of Schwann cell. (B–D) Images of migrating Schwann cells before and after frontal application of a DMSO (B), or ML-7 (C) or Y-27632 (D) gradient. (E–F) Summary of the percentages of collapsed or reversed cells in total observed cells (E) and migration rates of soma (F) after frontal application of a DMSO or ML-7(5 mM in the pipette) or BDM (200 mM in the pipette) or Y27632 (10 mM in the pipette) gradient. White arrowheads indicated the direction of the micropipette. Time, min; scale bars, 20 µm. Data are mean ± s.e.m. **P<0.01, significant difference compared with control, ##P<0.01, significant difference compared with Y-27632 group, one-way ANOVA with pairwise posthoc tests comparisons by Student-Newman-Keuls method.