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Decrease in splenic lymphoid chemokines in mice developing Amela-melanomas.

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posted on 2011-07-21, 01:30 authored by Saïdi M. Soudja, Sandrine Henri, Marielle Mello, Lionel Chasson, Amandine Mas, Maria Wehbe, Nathalie Auphan-Anezin, Lee Leserman, Benoît Van den Eynde, Anne-Marie Schmitt-Verhulst

Spleen sections from control, Mela- and Amela-bearing mice stained in (A) with anti-B220-APC (blue) to detect the B-zone, ER-TR7/chicken anti-rat-Alexa488 (green) to detect the FRC network and anti-CCL21/donkey anti-goat-Alexa546 (red). (B) Expression of ccl21a encoding Ccl21-Ser, ccl19 and cxcl13 relative to tbp transcripts measured by QRT-PCR in total spleens of control, Mela- or Amela- bearing mice. Means (+/− s.e.m.) for independent samples (N = 10; 8; 14 for ccl21a; N = 5; 4; 8 for ccl19; N = 3; 3; 9 for cxcl13) from spleens of control, Mela- or Amela- bearing mice, respectively, A is representative of 5 mice per group.