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Proof of decidualization markers.

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posted on 01.04.2015 by Sarah Jean Boeddeker, Dunja Maria Baston-Buest, Tanja Fehm, Jan Kruessel, Alexandra Hess

Representative bright-field microscope analysis of cell morphology before and after decidualization in vitro: (A) non-differentiated St-T1, (B) dSt-T1 after decidualization via MPA and cAMP treatment for 72h; scale bar indicates 100μm. (C) representative PCR gel for the housekeeping gene HMBS (64bp) in St-T1 (lane 1+2), KdS1 (lane 3+4), dSt-T1 (lane 5+6) and dKdS1 (lane 7+8). (D) representative PCR gel for the decidualization marker PRL (247bp) in dSt-T1 (lane 5+6) and dKdS1 (lane 7+8) vs. non differentiated St-T1 (lane 1+2) and KdS1 (lane 3+4); M = marker and (-) negative control without template. (E) quantification of secreted PRL via ELISA in in non-differentiated (St-T1, red bar; KdS1, blue bar) and decidualized (dSt-T1, bright red bar; dKdS1, bright blue bar) ESCs. Values are given as mean±SEM of n = 3 replicates.