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De novo identification of DMRs in jmj14-1 ldl1-2 ldl2 and nrpe1-11 mutant backgrounds.

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posted on 2013-11-07, 03:41 authored by Maxim V. C. Greenberg, Angelique Deleris, Christopher J. Hale, Ao Liu, Suhua Feng, Steven E. Jacobsen

(A) Venn diagrams representing the genomic overlap of DMRs identified in each mutant background. (B) Boxplot of CHH methylation levels at DMRs of given groups. (C) Distance clustered heat map of CHH methylation levels at DMRs of listed groups. (D) Boxplot of distances between DMRs of listed mutant backgrounds and the nearest protein-coding gene. * indicates a significant difference from the drm2 and nrpe1 DMRs (P<2.2e-14, Welch Two Sample t-test).


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