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DHS “R” mediates retinoic acid-induced OTX2 repression.

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posted on 08.09.2014, 03:12 by Matthew Wortham, Changcun Guo, Monica Zhang, Lingyun Song, Bum-Kyu Lee, Vishwanath R. Iyer, Terrence S. Furey, Gregory E. Crawford, Hai Yan, Yiping He

(A) DNase sensitivity of DHS “R” in three OTX2-expressing (D283, D341, D721) and two OTX2-nonexpressing (D324, UW228) medulloblastoma cell lines. (B) Luciferase assays measuring enhancer activity of DHS “R” following treatment with 2 µM all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) for 24 hours. (C) OTX2 mRNA level as determined by qPCR of medulloblastoma cells treated with 2 µM all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) and/or 35 µM cycloheximide (CYHEX) for 8 hours. *p<0.05 relative to DMSO, **p<0.01 relative to DMSO, Student's t-test. Error bars indicate standard deviation.