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DFT enrichment in prokaryotes.

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posted on 21.11.2013, 03:09 by Erez Persi, David Horn

DFT count and correlation CIJ of the 55 studied prokaryotes. Bacteria are grouped into phyla which are ordered according to their phylogenetic distance, from firmicutes to proteobacteria, and within each phylum species are ordered by DFT counts. Archaea are ordered by DFT counts. Upper panel displays the heatmap of CIJ, lower panel displays DFT counts (red points indicate thermophiles). Color scale is different from figure 6, in order to be able to trace trends which extend over several orders of magnitude. Abbreviations: Firmicutes (Firm); Actinobacteria (Act); Bacteriodes (Bac); Chlamydiae (Ch); Cyanobacteria (Cya), Protobacteria (Proto), Mesophiles (M), Thermophiles (T).