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Cytosolic SOD1 proteins can be transported into mitochondria of skeletal muscle.

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posted on 2013-12-06, 03:31 authored by Guo Luo, Jianxun Yi, Changling Ma, Yajuan Xiao, Frank Yi, Tian Yu, Jingsong Zhou

(A) Western blot to show the expression of human SOD1G93A in the skeletal muscle of G93A mice. C-SOD1 antibody recognizes both mouse and human SOD1. Lane 1: Control muscle; Lane 2-4: G93A muscle (2,3 and 4-month old). Note the skeletal muscle of G93A mice expresses human SOD1G93A at all ages. (B) Intact normal muscle fibers expressing SOD1-GFP or SOD1G93A-GFP. Note, in addition to the cytosolic expression, both SOD1-GFP and SOD1G93A-GFP show mitochondrial targeting. (C) After cell membrane permeabilization, the cytosolic GFP was lost. The overlay of TMRE and remaining GFP signals indicate the expression of SOD1-GFP or SOD1G93A-GFP inside mitochondria. Bar: 10 µm.


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