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Cytokines produced by hepatic leukocytes from infected and control BALB/c and B6 mice.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 22:32 by Eugenio Antonio Carrera-Silva, Natalia Guiñazu, Andrea Pellegrini, Roxana Carolina Cano, Alfredo Arocena, Maria Pilar Aoki, Susana Gea

A–H) Purified leukocytes were cultured for 72 hs, and IL6, TNFα, IL12, IL1β, TGFβ, IL10, IFNγ and IL4 were assayed in supernatants. Six animals per group were analyzed and data are representative of one of three independent experiments. Statistical significance evaluated by Two-way ANOVA-Bonferroni's post-hoc test is indicated with a p-value <0.05. (*) To compare infected vs control mice.