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Cx43-driven β-Gal immunoreactivity occurs even in the absence of Cre immunoreactivity in mice with germ-line deletion.

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posted on 2013-12-09, 03:28 authored by Jiong Zhang, Pavel Dublin, Stephanie Griemsmann, Alexandra Klein, Ralph Brehm, Peter Bedner, Bernd K. Fleischmann, Christian Steinhäuser, Martin Theis

A–H: Immunofluorescence analysis for Cre expression (green) and β-Gal (red). Hoechst staining in blue. A, C, E, G: Cerebellum. B, D, F, H: Hippocampus. A, B: WT mice express neither β-Gal nor Cre protein. C,D: Cx30-/- mice show moderate β-Gal expression in cerebellum and very weak expression in hippocampus. E, F: Cx43fl/del mice exhibit strong immunoreactivity for β-Gal in both brain areas, but no Cre expression. G, H: DKO mice show β-Gal immunoreactivity essentially identical to mice with ectopic deletion and prominent expression of Cre in both brain areas. Bar: 100 µm (50 µm for F and H).


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