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Culturing of HRTCs with 1 nM of C-peptide resulted in increase in PKCε phosphorylation, while phosphorylation of PKCs α/β increased by high glucose concentrations.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 11:07 authored by Dana Galuska, Sergej Pirkmajer, Romain Barrès, Karin Ekberg, John Wahren, Alexander V. Chibalin

Cells were cultured as described in “Materials and Methods”. Total cell lysates were subject to Western blot analysis to determine PKCs phosphorylation. A representative Western blot image is shown in the upper panel of each graph. A. Phospho PKCα/β. B. Phospho PKCδ, C. Phospho PKCε. GAPDH protein was used as a loading control. Results are means ± SE for 6 independent experiments. * P<0.05 versus 5 mM glucose without C-peptide.


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