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Correlations between predictors on different landscapes.

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posted on 2009-09-18, 00:47 authored by Dusan Misevic, Roger D. Kouyos, Sebastian Bonhoeffer

We highlight the relationships among ΔVarHD, ΔVaradd, and ΔMeanfit on smooth, random, and NK2 landscapes, in simulations with infinite population size. Each cross mark (+) represents a predictor value for a single simulation. Red (blue) crosses indicate simulations in which the frequency of sexually reproducing individuals increased (decreased) in the competition phase. For clarity of presentation, up to 5 outlier points were eliminated from random and NK2 landscapes. These outliers in predictor values are typically characteristic of a small number of populations that did not reach the equilibrium genotype frequencies by the end of the burn-in phase.


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