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Correlation between the RET receptor expression and RET transcripts on four different cell lines.

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posted on 2013-03-19, 09:13 authored by Marta Rusmini, Paola Griseri, Francesca Lantieri, Ivana Matera, Kelly L. Hudspeth, Alessandra Roberto, Joanna Mikulak, Stefano Avanzini, Valentina Rossi, Girolamo Mattioli, Vincenzo Jasonni, Roberto Ravazzolo, William J. Pavan, Alessio Pini-Prato, Isabella Ceccherini, Domenico Mavilio

(A) Flow cytometric histogram graphs showing the MFI levels of expression of RET receptor (black line) of 4 different cell lines. Gray shaded histograms represent the isotype controls. (B) Histogram bar graph showing the number of RET mRNA copies produced by the same cell lines displayed in panel A and analyzed within the same time-frame in culture. Values are normalized on SK-N-MC cell line of one experiment and are reported as fold increased in expression (2−ΔCt) as mean of three independent experiments. Of note, the level of RET receptor expressed on cell membrane significantly correlated with the amount of RET transcripts, as assessed by the Spearman rank test for correlation.