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Correlation between expression of PRR11, LXN and CTHRC1 in gastric carcinoma samples.

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posted on 07.08.2015, 04:01 by Zongchang Song, Wenying Liu, Yu Xiao, Minghui Zhang, Yan Luo 1, Weiwei Yuan, Yu Xu, Guanzhen Yu, Yide Hu

(A) Western blot analysis showing that CTHRC1 is down-regulated and LXN is up-regulated in PRR11-KO SGC07901 cells. (B) Expression of PRR11, CTHRC1 and LXN in patients-derived gastric carcinoma tissue samples. (C) Correlation analysis of PRR11, CTHRC1 and LXN expression. These results were interpreted as showing that CTHRC1 expression is positively associated with PRR11 expression (r = 0.299, p<0.001) and that LXN expression is negatively associated with PRR11 expression (r = -0.188, p = 0.005) in GC tissues.