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Correlation between expression of PRR11, LXN and CTHRC1 in gastric carcinoma samples.

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posted on 07.08.2015 by Zongchang Song, Wenying Liu, Yu Xiao, Minghui Zhang, Yan Luo 1, Weiwei Yuan, Yu Xu, Guanzhen Yu, Yide Hu

(A) Western blot analysis showing that CTHRC1 is down-regulated and LXN is up-regulated in PRR11-KO SGC07901 cells. (B) Expression of PRR11, CTHRC1 and LXN in patients-derived gastric carcinoma tissue samples. (C) Correlation analysis of PRR11, CTHRC1 and LXN expression. These results were interpreted as showing that CTHRC1 expression is positively associated with PRR11 expression (r = 0.299, p<0.001) and that LXN expression is negatively associated with PRR11 expression (r = -0.188, p = 0.005) in GC tissues.