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Conus (Lautoconus?) carlottae Hendricks sp. nov.

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posted on 01.04.2015 by Jonathan R. Hendricks

Specimens are from locality stations TU 1422 (Cercado Fm.) and TU 1354 (Gurabo Fm.). (A-E) PRI 66199 (holotype), TU 1354, SL 33.0 mm; (F-G) PRI 67154 (paratype), TU 1354, SL 29.7 mm; (H-I) PRI 66161 (paratype), TU 1422, SL 40.2 mm; (J) PRI 66198 (paratype), TU 1422, SL 27.8 mm. (D-J) are reversed images of specimens photographed under UV light. Scale bar to left of (A) is 1 cm and pertains to images (A-H, J); note that (I) is a magnified view of one of the pigmented spots on (H).