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Constant Force Sensation Contractions.

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posted on 09.02.2016, 09:23 by Simon A. Sharples, Jason A. Gould, Michael S. Vandenberk, Jayne M. Kalmar

Sense of force was measured using a constant sense of effort contraction of the right FDI. Participants had 5 seconds to view the target force and prepare to contract and 3 seconds to reach and hold force at the 50%-MVC target. Visual feedback of force and the target were then removed and participants were instructed to continue the contraction for 30 seconds but to adjust their force as required to “make the force feel the same”. The resultant decline in force is fitted to a double exponential function (black dashed line and inset equation) yielding two rate constants (a1 and a3) that are used as a measure of sense of effort. Percent decline from the start to finish of the contraction is also used to index the amount of effort required to sustain the contraction.