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Confocal scanning laser microscopic images highlighting Foc1 ramification and callose degradation products in chickpea roots.

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posted on 13.09.2013, 02:26 authored by Sumanti Gupta, Anirban Bhar, Moniya Chatterjee, Sampa Das

(A–D) and (E–H) represents root sections of uninduced JG62 and WR315 plants respectively. (I–L) and (Q–T) corresponds to root sections of infected JG62 at 4dpi and 12dpi. (M–P) and (U–X) corresponds to infected root sections of infected WR315 at 4dpi and 12dpi. A, E, I, M, Q, U represent fluorescent images stained with trypan blue; B, F, J, N, R, V represent fluorescent images stained with aniline blue; C, G, K, O, S, W represent DIC images; D, H, L, P, T, X represent merged images. Bars correspond to 20 µm.