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Confocal microscopy of PCI binding to untreated and Ct cells.

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posted on 07.07.2014 by Daniela Rieger, Alice Assinger, Katrin Einfinger, Barbora Sokolikova, Margarethe Geiger

Jurkat cells (A) and U937 cells (B) were incubated with 250 nM PCI-Cy3 (red) and in some experiments also with 75 nM Annexin V-FITC (Aii, Bi, green). Nuclear staining was done with Hoechst (blue). Confocal microscopy pictures show Ct Jurkat cells (Ai) and untreated Jurkat cells (Aii) in two different magnifications (40×, n.a. 1.3 oil objective; 100×, n.a. 1.3 oil objective). Data in (B) show z-stack galleries of 1µM slice thickness representing a Ct U937 cell (Bi) and an untreated U937 cell (Bii) (63×, n.a 1.4 oil objective). The scale bars represents a length of 5µm. Picture processing was done in LSM Image browser software (Carl Zeiss).