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Confocal microscope images of C. albicans in the presence of CF-labeled HC-1(R), [D]HC-1(R) and [D]HC-3(R).

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posted on 27.09.2013, 01:53 by Sudar Olli, Nandini Rangaraj, Ramakrishnan Nagaraj

C. albicans cells (1 x 107) were treated with CF labeled peptide and 2 µg/ml of PI. The treated cells were incubated for different time points to capture different events during the process of peptide entry into the cell. Panel A represents an early time point wherein the peptide is found over the membrane. Panel B represents the stage where, the peptide diffuses into the cells (green) and the dying cells are taking up PI stain (red) Panel C represents dead cells (yellow in the merged panel) showing the diffused peptide (green) and the diffused nuclear material (red). The bar represents 5 µm.