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Confirmation of optimal 7 day diagnostic parameters.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 01:39 by Tracy L. Y. Brown, Horace J. Spencer, Karen E. Beenken, Terri L. Alpe, Twyla B. Bartel, William Bellamy, J. Michael Gruenwald, Robert A. Skinner, Sandra G. McLaren, Mark S. Smeltzer

Left: Results illustrate the number of 1000 randomly-generated datasets in which the indicated timepoint after the administration of FDG exhibited maximum discrimination between the infected and uninfected experimental groups. Right: Results illustrate the proportion of “cut-off” ratios (surgical vs. non-surgical limb) that exhibited optimal discrimination at the alternative timepoints shown. Note that >850 of 1000 “iterations” found the optimum timepoint to be 11 minutes after administration of FDG (left) and that the optimal SUR cutoff in the majority of these was ∼1.27.