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Confirmation of gene expression profiles in SD and TGR retinas at 1- and 3-month.

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posted on 2011-02-17, 02:11 authored by Yuxi Feng, Yumei Wang, Li Li, Liang Wu, Sigrid Hoffmann, Norbert Gretz, Hans-Peter Hammes

Transcriptional analysis of genes was performed by quantitative real-time PCR in rats of 1-month SD (white bars), 1-month TGR (gray bars), 3-month SD (striped bars) and 3-month TGR (black bars). The values at 1-month are standardized to 1. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001: 3-month TGR compared with 1-month TGR. #p<0.05, ###p<0.001: 3-month TGR compared with 3-month SD.


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