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Comparisons of physiochemical characteristics of the proteins identified to be insoluble after heat-shock treatment in SH-SY5Y and CCF-STTG1 cell lines.

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posted on 2012-11-08, 01:55 authored by Guilian Xu, Stanley M. Stevens Jr, Firas Kobiessy, Hilda Brown, Scott McClung, Mark S. Gold, David R. Borchelt

(A) Protein theoretical isoelectric point (pI), and (B) hydrophobicity, between the heat-shock induced insoluble proteins identified from this study with the whole human proteome. For pIs, all the proteins identified in LC-MS/MS data in any fraction and all the soluble proteins identified in LC-MS/MS data were also included in comparison. Predicted pI values were obtained from the IPI human protein database (version 3.72) and the pI distribution was plotted with 0.2 pH unit increments. Hydrophobicity values (Kyte-Doolittle scale, the white mid-line is 0.) were also obtained from the same database and were plotted with 0.1 unit increment. In (B) the black bars graph data from the whole proteome and the gray bars graph data from the insoluble proteins of the heat-shocked cells.


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