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Comparisons between model simulations and experimental results.

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posted on 2015-11-20, 15:37 authored by Chen Zhao, Aleksander S. Popel

(A) HIF-1α protein is quickly induced and stabilized in 2% cellular O2 during a 48-hour simulation (line). (B) Hypoxia induces miR-mediated translational repression of AGO1 over time and reduces intracellular AGO1 protein abundancy (line). (A-B) Predicted time course expressions of HIF-1α and AGO1 are normalized and compared with the quantified Western blot data (symbol) in ECs with standard deviation values provided by Chen et al [21]. (C) 1% O2 induces VEGF protein production over 8 hours (line) in SHEP cells and (D) 200 μM of CoCl2 treatment in normoxia can mimic hypoxia in cells and induce VEGF protein synthesis in HepG2 cells during a 48-hour simulation (line). (C-D) We numerically quantified the two sets of raw VEGF Western blot data from literature in SHEP and HepG2 cells by densitometry (symbol), and the results with calculated standard deviation are compared with model simulations [50, 51].