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Comparison of the secretion competency via plasmid-encoded overexpression of FlgM.

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posted on 13.03.2013, 09:32 by Thomas Heel, Georg F. Vogel, Andrea Lammirato, Rainer Schneider, Bernhard Auer

(A) FlgM was secreted to the supernatant in the HMS174(DE3) strain. (B) In contrast, in the newly generated HMS174(DE3)ΔinsAB araBAD-flhDC no FlgM could be detected in the supernatant. (C) The ability to secrete FlgM was recovered in the HMS174(DE3)ΔinsAB araBAD-flhDC strain when plasmid-encoded flhDC was co-expressed. SDS-PAGE, M Fermentas PageRuler Prestained, -I whole cell sample without induction of recombinant protein expression, +I whole cell samples with induction of recombinant protein expression, C cytoplasmic fraction, Sn supernatant;