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Comparison of over-expression of nine transcription factors (TFs) under 200 mM NaCl stress tested in hairy root system of mosaic soybean plants.

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posted on 28.11.2012, 01:44 by Zulfiqar Ali, Da Yong Zhang, Zhao Long Xu, Ling Xu, Jin Xin Yi, Xiao Lan He, Yi Hong Huang, Xiao Qing Liu, Asif Ali Khan, Richard M. Trethowan, Hong Xiang Ma

On average of two independent repeats, 24 mosaic plants were tested for each TF except GmNAC2 whose 20 mosaic plants were tested. Standard errors are indicated with bars for statistical comparisons. The hairy roots of all survived mosaic plants were PCR positive while wilted one were PCR negative.