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Comparison of human and S. mansoni Orai homologues.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 13:49 authored by David L. Prole, Colin W. Taylor

(A) Alignments of human Orai subunits with predicted homologues from S. mansoni are shown (XP_002578838 is a shorter alternatively spliced variant of XP_002578837). Residues within the putative pore that are crucial for hOrai1 function (R91 and E106) are highlighted by grey bars. Predicted transmembrane regions of hOrai1 are indicated by red bars above the alignment, and asterisks below the alignment denote sequence identity amongst all isoforms. (B) Phylogram showing the relationship between human and S. mansoni Orai homologues as well as those of the model invertebrates C. elegans, D. melanogaster and C. intestinalis (see Methods: based on 141 high confidence positions from a multiple sequence alignment; gamma shape parameter 1.541; proportion of invariant sites 0.156). Branch length scale bar and branch support values are shown.