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Comparison of glyph fields and tractography results between enhanced CSD and a DTI-based FOD.

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posted on 2015-10-14, 04:27 authored by J. M. Portegies, R. H. J. Fick, G. R. Sanguinetti, S. P. L. Meesters, G. Girard, R. Duits

Glyph visualization of an axial slice of a dataset supporting the presence of the corpus callosum (mostly red), corona radiata (mostly blue) and superior longitudinal fasciculus (mostly green). Contour enhancement for CSD is performed with D33 = 1.0,D44 = 0.02,t = 4. Erosions and nonlinear diffusions for the DTI-based method are done with parameters as in [27]. The tractographies corresponding to the two methods are shown in the middle. Outliers such as the red fiber, indicated by the arrow, occur due to the use of high regularization coefficients.