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Comparison of differential DNA methylation and differential gene expression.

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posted on 2013-02-07, 00:38 authored by Jochen Gohlke, Claus-Juergen Scholz, Susanne Kneitz, Dana Weber, Joerg Fuchs, Rainer Hedrich, Rosalia Deeken

Logarithmic fold changes (logFCs) were determined for differentially methylated regions (DMR) as well as for differentially expressed genes. Methylation logFCs for DMRs and logFCs of differential transcript levels mapping to the transcriptional start site (TSS), the transcribed region and the transcriptional end site (TES) were multiplied and the products displayed as boxplots. Negative logFC products indicate that changes in methylation are associated with gene expression changes in the opposite direction. Positive logFC products imply changes of methylation and gene expression in the same direction.


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