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Comparison of anti-HCV activities of GRFT, CV-N and SVN against JFH-1.

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posted on 21.05.2013, 01:30 by Yutaka Takebe, Carrie J. Saucedo, Garry Lund, Rie Uenishi, Saiki Hase, Takayo Tsuchiura, Norman Kneteman, Koreen Ramessar, D. Lorne J. Tyrrell, Masayuki Shirakura, Takaji Wakita, James B. McMahon, Barry R. O'Keefe

Anti-HCV activities were evaluated by JFH-1 HCVcc full-replication assay, by measuring HCV core protein output in the culture supernatants of Huh7.5.1 cells 72 hr post-infection. The cytotoxicity was evaluated in parallel using WST-8 assay. The HCV output (open circle) and cell viability (closed square) were plotted as percentage (%) relative to control infections without CV-N (A), SVN (B) or GRFT (C). Compounds were added 15 min prior to viral challenge. Results are expressed as mean and standard deviation from triplicate experiments.