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Comparison of CO orthologs in human and mouse.

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posted on 21.11.2013, 03:09 by Erez Persi, David Horn

Comparison of CO orthologs in human and mouse according to their RC values. Each point corresponds to a pair of such proteins (n = 3312). Low homologies are marked by circles. Usually, their CO sections are comparable, however revealing higher harmonics in the mouse (Text S1 - section 7, figure S11). Off-diagonal pairs always display low homologies. In the upper-left diagonal CO sections of human and mouse resemble each other, having high similarity of FTs and MFI, despite the low RC in human. In the lower-right diagonal mouse CO sections do not resemble human CO sections, except for few exceptions (see text). High homology is obtained for protein pairs with similar MFIs, such as zinc finger (MFI = 28), collagen (MFI = 3) and keratin (MFI = 5) proteins, and lie along the diagonal.