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Comparison between the de novo genome assemblies based on the NGA50 length and the number of mis-assemblies.

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posted on 08.09.2014, 03:10 by Sebastian Jünemann, Karola Prior, Andreas Albersmeier, Stefan Albaum, Jörn Kalinowski, Alexander Goesmann, Jens Stoye, Dag Harmsen

The NGA50 length (A, in kilobases) and the number of mis-assemblies (B, combining local and non-local mis-assemblies) on the y-axis are either contig or scaffold based, respectively. Scaffolds for MiSeq 2×150 bp and MiSeq 2×250 bp assemblies obtained by ABYSS, CELERA, CLC, NEWBLER, SOAP2, SPADES, and VELVET; contigs for MiSeq assemblies obtained by MIRA and SEQMAN as well as for all PGM assemblies. The second plot (B) is further divided into two plot rows where the upper row has an altered y-axis scale only showing high rates of mis-assemblies ranging from two hundred up to thousand.