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Comparative co-expression analysis between Arabidopsis and rice.

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posted on 23.11.2010, 01:52 by Ai Oikawa, Hiren J. Joshi, Emilie A. Rennie, Berit Ebert, Chithra Manisseri, Joshua L. Heazlewood, Henrik Vibe Scheller

(A, B) Venn diagrams of the co-expressed genes with each of the three individual baits from Arabidopsis (A) and rice (B). (C, D) Expression profiles of the 25 genes that most closely match with the baits (thick lines). To confirm co-regulation, the transcriptional expression pattern of the top 25 shared genes of the 3-way intersection from Arabidopsis (A) and rice (B) is plotted. The y-axes show relative gene expression values in base-2 logarithm against the average expression levels of each gene.