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Combined phenotype and motility analysis compared with visual hit assessment for larvae treated with known anti-schistosome compounds.

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posted on 31.07.2012, 02:42 by Ross A. Paveley, Nuha R. Mansour, Irene Hallyburton, Leo S. Bleicher, Alex E. Benn, Ivana Mikic, Alessandra Guidi, Ian H. Gilbert, Andrew L. Hopkins, Quentin D. Bickle

(A) Combined phenotype and motility scores for larvae treated with 10 µM praziquantel (PZQ; red), oltipraz (OPZ; black), methylclonazepam (MCZ; orange), Ro15-5458 (Ro15; blue), oxamniquine (OX; purple) dihydroartemisinin (DHA; yellow) and controls (M169; aqua & DMSO; green). (B) Visual assessment of hits (red) or non-hits (blue) for the wells shown in (A) with a visual hit defined as ≥70% damaged or dead schistosomula within a well [21]. Based on this, the dotted line shows the thresholds selected for definition of the hit region (−0.15 for the phenotype score and −0.35 for the motility score). N = 1500 wells across 5 plates containing anti-schistosome drugs.