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Combined inactivation of MYC and K-rasG12D in lung tumor cells results in a shutdown of Stat3 signaling.

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posted on 07.05.2008, 00:58 authored by Phuoc T. Tran, Alice C. Fan, Pavan K. Bendapudi, Shan Koh, Kim Komatsubara, Joy Chen, George Horng, David I. Bellovin, Sylvie Giuriato, Craig S. Wang, Jeffrey A. Whitsett, Dean W. Felsher

(A) Representative phospho-Stat5 and (B) phospho-Stat3 IHC analysis demonstrates little to no levels of nuclear staining in cells following dual inactivation of MYC/K-rasG12D (n = 3 “On” & 6 “Off”) similar to conditional K-rasG12D–induced tumors. MYC/K-ras #2-3 represent independent inactivated tumors with no to highest amount of staining observed, respectively. IHC was performed similar to Figure 1D with stated antibodies with CMR-induced lung tumors that were activated or inactivated (2–11 weeks). Adjacent bar graph panels represent scoring of individual tumors for IHC staining: negative, low (<50% positive cells) or high (≥50% positive cells) for phospho-Stat5 and phospho-Stat3 positive tumors.