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Coherence (group mean) of all pairs of joint angle position (AK: ankle-knee, AH: ankle-hip, AN: ankle-neck, KH: knee-hip, KN: knee-neck, HN: hip-neck) and COP-COM coupling at different standing conditions (SS: side-by-side, LO: single left-foot standing, LR: single-left foot standing with body rocking at the ankle joint).

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posted on 10.01.2014, 02:44 by Zheng Wang, Ji Hyun Ko, John H. Challis, Karl M. Newell

Frequency bins are: 1) 0.0167–0.1002 Hz; 2) 0.1169–0.2004 Hz; 3) 0.2171–0.3006 Hz; 4) 0.3173–0.4008 Hz; 5) 0.4175–0.5010 Hz; 6) 0.5177–0.6012 Hz; 7) 0.6179–0.7014 Hz; and 8) 0.7181–0.8016 Hz.