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Co-localization of UL70 and DNAJB6a and DNAJB6b expressed in human cells.

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posted on 2012-11-01, 00:02 authored by Yonggang Pei, Wenmin Fu, Ed Yang, Ao Shen, Yuan-Chuan Chen, Hao Gong, Jun Chen, Jun Huang, Gengfu Xiao, Fenyong Liu

Cells were transfected with the construct containing the sequence of Myc-tagged UL70 alone (A) and in the presence of the constructs containing the sequences of FLAG-tagged DNAJB6 (a and b) (B and C), fixed at 48 hours posttransfection, stained with antibodies, and visualized using a microscope. The images of Myc-tagged UL70 (b, e, i), FLAG-tagged DNAJB6a (f) and DNAJB6b (j), and the nuclei stained with DAPI (a, d, h) were used to generate the composite images (c, g, k). The images show different levels of magnification.