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Co-localization areas (white arrows) of RGDechi-hCit peptide (green) with αvβ3 integrin (red)(A), caveolin 1 (red)(B), clathrin (red)(C) and LAMP 2 (red)(D) in WM266 cells after 30 minute incubation.

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posted on 2014-09-23, 03:16 authored by Domenica Capasso, Ivan de Paola, Annamaria Liguoro, Annarita Del Gatto, Sonia Di Gaetano, Daniela Guarnieri, Michele Saviano, Laura Zaccaro

(A, C, E, G) fluorescence images; (B, D, F, H) transmitted and fluorescence image overlapping. Magnification bar: 20 µm.