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CoQ Measurements in Pdss2 Missense, Conditional Knockout, and Strain-Matched Control Mice.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 10:37 authored by Min Peng, Marni J. Falk, Volker H. Haase, Rhonda King, Erzsebet Polyak, Mary Selak, Marc Yudkoff, Wayne W. Hancock, Ray Meade, Ryoichi Saiki, Adam L. Lunceford, Catherine F. Clarke, David L. Gasser

CoQ measurements in Pdss2kd/kd; Podocin/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP; PEPCK/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP; Alb/cre,Pdss2loxP/loxP; and strain-matched control mice (B6 and B6.Pdss2loxPloxP). A, Kidney levels of CoQ9 and CoQ10 are significantly lower in B6.Pdss2kd/kd (missense) mice than in B6 control mice. B, Kidney levels of CoQ9 and CoQ10 are similar in B6.Podocin/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP; B6.PEPCK/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP; B6.Alb/cre,Pdss2loxP/loxP; and control mice. The 92-day-old controls are B6.Pdss2loxP/+, and the 94-day-old control is B6.Pdss2loxP/loxP. C, Liver levels of CoQ9 in B6.Alb/cre,Pdss2loxP/loxP mice were below 30 picomoles/mg protein (*) while these same levels in B6.Podocin/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP and B6.PEPCK/cre,Pdss2loxPloxP mice were similar to those in control mice. The strains of the control mice in are the same as those in panel B.


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