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Clustering analysis of probes differentially modulated in resistant and susceptible clones.

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posted on 13.06.2012, 01:19 by Christelle Langevin, Mar Blanco, Samuel A. M. Martin, Luc Jouneau, Jean-Francois Bernardet, Armel Houel, Aurélie Lunazzi, Eric Duchaud, Christian Michel, Edwige Quillet, Pierre Boudinot

The clustering of probe signal identified gene subsets with specific expression patterns. Set A: genes repressed more in susceptible fish, compared to resistant. Set B: genes induced more in resistant than in susceptible fish, reaching higher expression level in resistant animals. Set C: genes induced more in resistant than in susceptible ones, reaching similar expression levels from lower basal expression before infection. Set D: genes more induced in susceptible than in resistant fish.