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Cluster analysis of total microbial communities according to 16S rRNA DGGE profiles.

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posted on 31.10.2012, 00:26 by Ramona Marasco, Eleonora Rolli, Besma Ettoumi, Gianpiero Vigani, Francesca Mapelli, Sara Borin, Ayman F. Abou-Hadid, Usama A. El-Behairy, Claudia Sorlini, Ameur Cherif, Graziano Zocchi, Daniele Daffonchio

The cluster analysis of the plot line was obtained from 16S rRNA PCR-DGGE bacterial community profiles, according to Pearson correlation. The analyzed fractions were root tissues (E), rhizosphere (R), root-surrounding soil (S) and bulk soil (B) of three replicate plants of pepper.


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