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Cluster analysis of mouse and human orthologues in sequenced samples.

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posted on 2013-11-20, 03:42 authored by Jeffrey Chou, Matthew P. Fitzgibbon, Christie-Lynn L. Mortales, Andrea M. H. Towlerton, Melissa P. Upton, Raymond S. Yeung, Martin W. McIntosh, Edus H. Warren

Pearson correlation was performed between all samples, and Euclidean distances were calculated. Unsupervised hierarchical cluster analysis of the human and murine transcriptomes, defined across 17,179 orthologous human-mouse gene pairs, in all of the parental tumors and derivative xenografts in which RNA-seq analysis was then performed. The height of the vertical dendrogram arms correlates with the global difference in the transcriptomes between any two samples. The height of the vertical dendrogram arms is proportional to the global differences in gene expression between samples in a cluster group. Along the bottom of the panel, samples are coded as follows: N = normal colon, PHT = parental human tumor, SX = stromal xenograft, CX = carcinoma xenograft, M = mouse stroma. Human and murine transcriptomes are indicated by ‘-H’ and ‘-M’ suffixes, respectively.


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