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Clock gene expression in VAT from lean and obese subjects.

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posted on 2014-11-03, 03:24 authored by Elaine Vieira, Elena G. Ruano, Ana Lucia C. Figueroa, Gloria Aranda, Dulce Momblan, Francesc Carmona, Ramon Gomis, Josep Vidal, Felicia A. Hanzu

Clock gene expression in human VAT from lean (white bars) and obese subjects (black bars). (A) BMAL1 gene expression (B) CLOCK gene expression (C) PER1 gene expression (D) PER2 gene expression. (E) CRY1 gene expression (F) ROR ALPHA gene expression (G) CRY2 gene expression (H) REV-ERB ALPHA gene expression. *p<0.05; ***p<0.001. Data are expressed as mean ±S.E.M of n = 20–28. The relative expression of clock genes is calculated and normalized by 36B4 house keeping gene.