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Clade coverage of epitope-specific responses.

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posted on 2010-02-02, 01:48 authored by Richard A. Koup, Mario Roederer, Laurie Lamoreaux, Jennifer Fischer, Laura Novik, Martha C. Nason, Brenda D. Larkin, Mary E. Enama, Julie E. Ledgerwood, Robert T. Bailer, John R. Mascola, Gary J. Nabel, Barney S. Graham

Seven responses (A through G) to five minimum CD8+ T cell epitopes as defined in Table 2 are shown for four VRC 009 volunteers. Volunteer identifiers are shown in far right panels. Left panel shows the minimum epitope and sequence variants that were tested. Left center panel shows the frequency of each variant as it occurs within HIV clades A, B, C, and D. ELISpot responses expressed as SFCs per million PBMC at multiple peptide dilutions (µg/ml) to the epitope variants are shown from 4 weeks after the third dose of DNA (right center panel) and 4 weeks after rAd boost (far right panel). *  =  only the major variant was tested due to cell limitations. ND  =  not done due to absence of cells for any peptide titrations.


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