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Circulating vascular progenitor cell (VPC) number (A) and in-vitro function (B) in healthy controls (□) and PCOS (▪) subjects.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 17:54 by Cecile Dessapt-Baradez, Maria Reza, Ghayathri Sivakumar, Maria Hernandez-Fuentes, Kostas Markakis, Luigi Gnudi, Janaka Karalliedde

Circulating CD34+/CD133+ VPC number is reduced (A) and VPC function impaired (B) in PCOS patients vs. healthy control. (* p = 0.03, ** p = 0.02). Data are presented as mean±SEM. For A, PCOS n = 14 vs. control n = 12, for B PCOS n = 10 vs. control n = 8.