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Chromosome 12 detail in MefEnz.

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posted on 2015-02-25, 02:58 authored by Ibon Garitaonandia, Hadar Amir, Francesca Sesillo Boscolo, Gerald K. Wambua, Heather L. Schultheisz, Karen Sabatini, Robert Morey, Shannon Waltz, Yu-Chieh Wang, Ha Tran, Trevor R. Leonardo, Kristopher Nazor, Ileana Slavin, Candace Lynch, Yingchun Li, Ronald Coleman, Irene Gallego Romero, Gulsah Altun, David Reynolds, Stephen Dalton, Mana Parast, Jeanne F. Loring, Louise C. Laurent

Detailed view of the duplications in chromosome 12 for MefEnz. A. The green areas indicate the regions of duplication that were identified by CNVPartition 3.2.0. The areas that were detected manually rather than by the software are indicated in a scale from grey to black. Estimates of the percentage of the population carrying the duplication were performed using the BAF distance for heterozygous SNPs as described [3]. B. LogR Ratio (LRR) and BAF plots of replicate A of MefEnz showed changes in genetic aberrations over time. C. The CNV data were further validated via TaqMan Copy Number Assays. Probe 1 corresponds to Hs03295596_cn, Probe 2 to Hs04404518_cn, Probe 3 to Hs03812366_cn, Probe 4 to Hs03841181_cn, Probe 5 to Hs06947059_cn, and Probe 6 to Hs06363301_cn. D. Karyotyping results confirmed the CNV data.